1. What Are Fivefingers Shoes?

The idea behind the creation of the Fivefingers shoes was to manufacture shoes that could fit cozily and comfortably around the foot. By wearing the Fivefingers shoes, the individual fingers of the feet can move easily in their place while you can walk, run or jog without any hassles.

The bottom of the FiveFingers shoes is made of thin plated rubber in order to provide the wearer protection and enhanced grip. Moreover, the shoes boast of all the features that you expect from superior quality shoes; it provides you with a solid grip while keeping the comfort level high.

The shoe is designed in such a way that your feet will be completely protected if you step on a stone or any other pointy thing. At the same time, you will be able to feel the texture and shape of the ground and recognize the difference between surfaces i.e. a lush green grass, a hilly area or street with pebbles.

2. Benefits of Vibram Five Fingers

There are plenty of benefits that you can derive by wearing Vibram Fivefingers. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

As per studies, the padding on the traditional shoes lowers the ability of our feet to sense what’s beneath it when it hits the ground. The dullness of this sense can lead to injury. However, with minimalistic footwear, your feet are in contact with the ground; the sense doesn’t get affected and it reduces the risk of injury.

The human body is structured in such a way that it gets adjusted to the way it is used for a number of years, which implies that our feet are to be utilized without shoes. As per mechanical point of view, the actual purpose of our toes is to give us extra grip while we walk on any surface. In such a case where you are barefoot and hit a turf, you foot will adjust accordingly and you will be able to maintain your position.  Vibram FiveFingers can prove to be beneficial in such a case, as it will help you to know if you are hitting a turf due to its natural feel and adjust your position accordingly.



 For best results in finding your size, we recommend measuring both feet, heel to toe. Standing with your heels against a flat wall an convert cm size to EU size. Thats your perfect size.


Too Large: Feet can move around inside the shoe, which may cause blisters/hot spots.

Too Small: Toes are not able to fully extend— toes feel curled or slightly bent.

Just Right: Longest toe slightly touches the end of the toe pocket or rests just before the end. Ideally, Vibram FiveFingers® will fit just like a glove or second skin.

Now you are ready for training, fitness, running, walking, trekking and more!