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Free shipping across India above 1000 RS. Only verified COD orders will get shipped.
Free shipping across India above 1000 RS. Only verified COD orders will get shipped.
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Vibram Furoshiki

Comfort + Style

Vibram Furoshiki shoes areessentially rubber soles adorned with a swath of stretchy fabric. ... Each fabric end catches a tab once wrapped and folded fully onto the heel. Toes move freely inside of what feel like socks with a thin tread.

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Excellent work by the guys at Gambol ! Great service and attention to detail. They guided me about perfect Vibram running shoes and its size.Highly recommended!

Srinivasan (Hyderabad)

I Purchased two vibrams from them. Got proper guidance and all necessary information. Satisfied with the service and product quality.

Rambha Mitra (Mumbai)

Buy Vibram V run shoes from Gambol. Very satisfied with product. Moreover Staff was very helpful and helped me identify the right shoes and size.

Pankaj (Ahmedabad)

I'm glad I made this purchase. I'm in love with the fit and feel of the shoes. The folks at Gambol were very helpful in picking the right size. They got in touch with me once I had placed my order online. Sizing can be a bit confusing. I was initially nervous about it. I love my Vibrams KSO Evo. Love the burgundy colour. They were shipped on time and the entire experience has been pleasant.

Simmi Mathew

Very impressed with the service provided by the seller . I received a call from Gambol India after I had placed my order to double check the shoe size . I was kept up to date on the delivery schedule etc

Happy with the shoe so far have only run shorter distances 7 km / 16km no major issues. The roads in Bangalore are in constant repair hence the shoes provide more than adequate protections from small stones etc . If you are a experienced barefoot runner looking for road running this would be a good buy.

Will definitely by the next pair from Gambol based on my experience so far ... maybe a v trek

Anshuman Appanna

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