Health Benefits of being barefoot

Health Benefits of being barefoot –

Are you considering a barefoot lifestyle change ? Check these points to make that thought more powerful. Being barefoot helps you and your body in many ways. It brings a lot positive changes for a body and mind. Barefoot is the most natural way of keeping your feet. 

  • Insomnia
  • Eyesight
  • The Nervous system
  • Immunity
  • Energy
  •  Menstrual and hormonal changes
  •  Inflammation
  •  Cardiovascular
  •  Hypertension (Blood Pressure)
  • Mental State
  •  Posture Alignment

- Insomnia can be controlled by opting to go barefoot

If you can not fall asleep at night and often find yourself sleep deprived even till the wee
hours of the morning; then that may be what experts term it as sleeplessness or insomnia;
which is a type of sleep disorder. The basic cure to the issue can be found by easily opting to
walk barefoot on grass.

- Eyesight Improvement

The specific pressure point of eyesight is right there on the feet. As soon as; we start walking
barefoot; the specific pressure point gets stimulate, which in turn, helps improve our eyesight.

- Nervous system can be improved
Walking barefoot at home can stimulate specific acupuncture points in the foot, and this will,
in turn, stimulate your nerves and veins, thereby improving your nervous system. Diabetic

people who experience pain from varicose veins can relieve it if they walk barefoot on a
regular basis.

- Immunity can be increased

Since walking barefoot stimulates the nervous system, it also helps in increasing one’s
immunity by making one stronger and less susceptible to disease.

- Increases Energy

When you walk on sand being barefoot; that helps you in providing resistance; which
stimulates the pressure points on your feet. It might be difficult to walk on the sand for a few
days. However, once feet get used to it, strength will be developed in the legs and body. Your
energy level will be increases and that can keep you active through out the day. The same
benefits can be obtained by walking barefoot on pebbles or stones.

- Helps Menstrual and Hormonal Issues

When hormones are not in balance, physical and mental distress are evident. Women who
pass through premenstrual syndrome often notices mood swings, headaches, stomach-ache,
weight gain, acne and other issues. Simply opting to walk barefoot on the floor can help ease
many of these.

- Reduces Inflammation

Damaged body cell can lead to Inflammation; which may lead to medical complications like
cancer, ageing, heart issues, and other problems. Electrons in the ground act as anti-oxidants
to reduce the inflammation in body.

- Cardiovascular Activity is Improved
As we discussed, walking barefoot helps improve the nervous system. This, in turn, helps
improve blood circulation in your body. More blood circulation means a healthier
cardiovascular system.

- Maintains Blood Pressure

Blood pressure and stress are directly connected to one another; if stress is reduced; blood
pressure can be reduced easily too. As soon as one starts walking barefoot; the stress level
come down as the nerves in the feet are stimulated, in turn that helps settling the blood

- It Clears Your Mind and Improves Mood

Are you a part of exaggerate thinking clan? If yes, then there has to be a lot of internal chatter
which might lead to mood swings and mental stress. Walking barefoot in snow or on grass
can help you feel better and relax and focus on the present. While walking barefoot, body
absorbs negative electrons through the earth which helps create a balanced bioelectrical

- Posture Alignment

Being barefoot keeps the body in a neutral alignment and keeps body weight centred
over the feet. Barefoot shoes come with wider toe boxes and/or separate finger
pockets, providing a steady base and better balance. This let us stand taller and with
upright posture with correct alignment. Thus, improved balance can assist in everyday
chores, athletics movement and even walking too.

If you are afraid to go total barefoot then you must try the cult classic collection of
minimalistic shoes. Which gives you similar feeling like being barefoot with some add on

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