VIbram FAQ

1. What are your return policies?

  • Size exchange support: - 

If you need to exchange your size; we have got you covered. We provide you with one-time free size exchange. However; if you need an additional shot at size exchange then also, we do help you out but the shipping must be taken care by your good self.

  • Refund Policy: -

In case, you want return your product then we do provide assistance for that too. You get the whole amount back after deducting the shipping charges.

2. Which Vibram is Ideal for me ?

There are 10-11 different models in Vibram. If your purpose is casual you can select any one. If you have specific purpose you can select from below also connect with us for the same on 9974360182 :)

Walking - KSO EVO, V Run, V Alpha

Running - V run (Best Seller)

Trail Run - V Trail

Trekking - V Trek, V alpha

Cold Weather conditions - V trek Insulated

Pilates, Yoga - V-soul, Iso Evo

Gym - V Train(if you are doing major Weight lifting) , Kso Evo, V run

Water Activities - V aqua

Lifestyle - Vi-b,CVT Hemp, CVT leather (Very Classy), Furoshiki

3. Are Vibram Five finger shoes washable?

Yes, You need to handwash them with cold water and toothbrush.Hang to air dry.

4. What would be the life span of Vibram Five-fingers?

Your FiveFingers should last as long as a traditional athletic shoe. This will vary depending on the person, model, and the use.  Shoes are designed with a particular activity in mind.  If you use a trail running shoe for road running it will wear quicker.

5. If my Vibram fivefingers hurt while running, should I continue using them?

Minor initial discomfort is not unusual for some individuals, depending on your foot type and running style, but you should not continue if pain persists. Transitioning slowly to build proper strength is imperative when beginning to run in Vibram FiveFingers.

6. Can a woman order from the men’s sizing and vice versa?

Sure! Keep in mind that the men’s sizing is slightly longer and wider than women’s, so a Men’s size 40 will fit and feel larger than a Women’s size 40.

7. How should my FiveFingers fit? How do I know if they are too big or too small?

FiveFingers generally should have a glove-like fit on your foot, but the best judge of size is your own comfort level. If the shoe feels too big or too small, it probably is! Each model will fit and feel differently, and each person’s feet are shaped and structured differently. As such, you may fit better in a size different from what the size chart recommends, and that’s ok.

Pro Tip: - If your longest finger of feet touches the wall of the footwear then you have found your perfect partner.

8. Is it safe to walk/run on roads with Vibram?

Yes; Absolutely Yes. You can walk/run on the road with Vibram five fingers. Just make sure you are using right product for the right purpose. For example; Use V-run model for running purposes.

9. Do I need to wear socks with my vibrams ?

It's not compulsory to wear socks. if your feet sweat too much socks will help. If there are initial blister Socks will help. In initial transition if you are wearing socks it will be easier to insert your feet inside all five fingers. 

10. Where can I wear my Vibram Fivefingers?

Umm; EVERYWHERE. Including Marriage functions too.

11.  When will I get my order delivered?

Standard delivery duration is 6-8 working days.

12. Some transitioning tips:

  • Start by walking

  • Run no more than 10% of your typical running distance for the first 2–3 weeks

  • After 2–3 weeks, gradually increase mileage by 10%–20% every couple of weeks

  • If you ever start to feel pain during a run, stop! You can always try again in a couple of days

  • Never run 2 days in a row for the first month

  • Stretch before and after each run, focusing on calves and feet, because Vibram FiveFingers running will stimulate these muscles

  • If, after several weeks of training, you are consistently very sore, you need to rest and back-off on your mileage