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Difficult to practice traditional yoga? Long day at your desk? Traveled in a long flight?

Do not worry, we have got you covered. All of these questions can be catered with one solution – Chair Yoga.

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. It is beneficial for people with limited mobility, can't stand for long periods, and for those who want to practice yoga at work. Yoga works on increasing flexibility, improving strength and proprioception, reducing stress and pain, to provide better sleep. 

Take 10 minutes to practice Chair Yoga to deal with your fatigue and stress by releasing tension in your neck, back, shoulders to undo poor posture. By this, you can go back to your desk feeling refreshed and ready.

This form of yoga is great for seniors too. Chair yoga exercise during a long flight hour can ease discomfort and alleviate the potential risk of blood clots.

Almost all Traditional yoga poses or moves can be replicated and altered to accommodate chair yoga with an increased range of motion through holding poses on a chair. Performing Pranayama is popular practice within chair yoga and can assist in reducing anxiety and creating spiritual awareness.

Who Does Chair Yoga? 

Chair yoga can be practiced by any individual who needs to appreciate the advantages of yoga and may (or may not) have versatility confinements. For instance, chair yoga proves to be extraordinary for any individual who needs more support as well as is dealing with a physical issue or needs a progressively remedial way to deal with the training. 

Chair yoga classes are generally accessible in senior centers and retirement homes, as senior residents are its greatest target crowd, yet obese people and individuals with neurological diseases should try out the chair strategy. Office employees can likewise exploit chair yoga's adjustments to sneak in certain stretches at work. 

Why Chair Yoga?

1. Improved Strength 

This implies old individuals will be better ready to proceed with leisure activities and day by day exercises autonomously for some more years to come. In the event that they are sufficiently unfortunate to endure a fall or injury, a solid body will have the option to withstand this better and support fewer wounds. 

2. Improved Flexibility 

Chair yoga can help those with versatility issues to attempt exercises that they have not been able to, for example, coming down to tie shoelaces or get things. 

3. Improved proprioception 

Proprioception is the ability to know where your body is in space and planning your movements precisely. This is especially significant for older individuals and can forestall falls. For individuals with inabilities or conditions, for example, MS, it might mean having more control over your body and its developments. 

4. Decreased stress and improved mental clearness 

Chair yoga can diminish the effect of constant sicknesses and pain. For old individuals, it might likewise assist them with adapting to sentiments of disconnection, if this is an issue. Being calmer and progressively relaxed definitely prompts a more noteworthy sentiment of bliss and prosperity, which everybody can profit by! 

5. Improved stress and pain management 

Chair yoga (and yoga all in all, truly) incorporates breath work, which can help individuals with stress management as well as for adapting and overseeing pain. Through meditation and focusing on your breath, you can support your body and brain to adapt to the pain of a disease or condition you may endure.

Chair specifications you need? 

Since chair yoga is about flexibility, it should not shock anyone that the specific chair you use isn't significant; you don't need to run out and purchase a particular yoga chair. Chairs with wheels are not perfect since they are insecure, however practically some other chair will do. On the off chance that you are on the shorter side, put squares or a collapsed yoga mat under your feet to give yourself a firm establishment. 

Few reinvented chair yoga postures:

 Cross Hands -

Cross your left arm over the right one near the elbow. Bend the elbows and bring your palms to touch. Lift the elbows while dropping the shoulders away from the ears. Hold three to five breaths.

Repeat on the other side.

Forward Bending -

On an exhalation, come into a forward bend around the legs. Let the hands lay on the floor on the off chance that they arrive at it. Let the head hang heavy. On an inward breath, raise the arms back up over the head. 

Repeat this movement between a raised arms position and a forward fold a few times, moving with the breath.

Triangle Pose -

Step open to right, turn right foot out. Inhale, reach out with your arms. Exhale. Place right hand on the chair, left hand on to hip and turn chest left and look up. 

Repeat on the other side.

Back Stretch -

Stand at the front/back edge of the chair, setting hands behind you with fingers confronting away from hips. Prop yourself up on fingertips, drawing sacrum in and up to lift lower back. Follow backbend as far as possible up chest to shoulder bones and open up the whole front body. Hold and relax for 8 to 10 breaths, then release.

Leg stretch-

Standing up tall, stretch your right leg out, laying your heel on the floor, toes facing up — the closer to the edge of the seat you are, the straighter your leg can get. 

Breathe in and breathe out gradually and uniformly multiple times in this position, tenderly going further each time, and afterward release the posture by utilizing a breath in to enable you to rise. Repeat this posture with your left leg outstretched by realigning your right leg's knee over your lower leg before you bend around.

In the end, take a couple of moments to sit with your eyes shut and turns in your lap toward the finish of your training. This situated Savasana will enable your body to assimilate all the great impacts of the stances you have done and progress you into the remainder of your day.


About The Author:-

Smita Soni is Yoga Expert and owner of Smita's Yogamantra. She is specialized in corporate yoga and dynamic way of yoga. You can follow her @smitasyogamantra.

Smita Soni :- 9824383038


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