Stinky Active Wear OR Shoes !! No MORE !!!

Raise your hand if you have ever re-worn a pair of your activewear. How about a pair of socks? Come on, at least don’t lie to yourself.

With your plate full of fitness sessions, working hours, yoga sessions and happy hours; amidst all these, you may have perfected the art of shortcuts that allow you to seamlessly transit yourself from one activity to another. Here are few tips to answer frequently asked questions to help you in your transition from one role to another.

How to De-stink your active wear?

The easiest way to make your clothes odor free is to wash workout clothes as soon as possible after exercising. Usually, people re wear the active wear with a thought of they didn’t shed enough of sweat in last session. That’s the biggest misconception that people possess now a days. If you don’t get time to wash your clothes right away after your session then follow these steps to make your active wear clean.

Pre-wash Pointers 

  • Before putting clothes in washing machine; give it some air.
  • Activewear can become smelly and damp If they’re pushed at the bottom of the gym bag after a heavy sweaty session.
  • Try to keep them at top.
  • If clothes are dirty then turn them inside out.
  • Soak it first before putting it for a wash. Workout wear becomes stinky because of sweat and dead skin cells.

Washing Pointer

  • Keep it cool. You’re not the only one in need of a cold shower after a heavy workout session. Hot water can be harmful to the performance of stretchy textile; it can even shrink them in the wash. Thus, cold water is the source to preserve the elasticity of gym essentials.
  • Be stingy for the detergent.
  • Ditch the fabric softener. Instead use, Vinegar or Baking soda.
  • Optional, but A good bet is to opt for Sports Detergent.
  • Do Not Bleach.
  • Don’t act omnipotent; Follow the wash instructions mentioned in clothes.

Post Wash Pointers

    • Let it dry naturally.
    • Don’t machine dry.

        Pro Tip – 

        Keep a separate laundry bucket for your normal wear and active wear. Don’t throw both in the same bucket.

        How to clean your workout shoes?

        Don’t underestimate the dirt your training shoes has got. Quick tips to clean them.

        Think twice before putting your expensive shoes right into washing machine for a quick wash. Before even putting them into wash, you need to prepare it. 

        Pre-Washing Pointers –

          • First of all, fill a shoe box with baking soda and make a bed of it. Remove your insoles and laces and then lay your shoes inside the box. Leave it aside for the baking soda to absorb the stink.
          • Remove the mud, dust or sand with a soft brush. Once done with the first step, use a damp cloth and be thorough as much as you can. 
          • Last but not the least is; check the soles for any stone or chewing gum stuck in the grip.

          Washing Pointers –

          • Machine Wash 
          • Check the label of your shoes to understand if they are suitable for machine was or not.
          • Remove laces before you put it in the machine.
          • Keep shoes in the laundry bag and then put it in the machine to avoid any damage.
          • To avoid bumping and banging, keep towels, jeans or non-delicate bedding in the same wash for a quieter cycle.
          • Use the cold cycle to wash the shoes.


          Hand Wash – With a Sponge

            • If label suggest against the machine wash then you could consider hand washing.
            • You just need a sponge, bowl of warm water and good washing powder.
            • Take the charge of waterproof part of the shoes first.
            • Once done with the first stage, take a break and change the water.
            • Add more detergent to the fresh water. Squeeze the sponge really well  before applying it to the more delicate areas.
            • Once the shoes are looking clean and fresh, use a soft cloth and clean water to wipe away the remaining traces.

            Post Wash Pointers –

              • The best option is drying outside, avoiding direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.
              • If not available with the open area then, leave the shoes in a warm, dry area where there is a good air flow.
              • Stuff them with newspaper to help keep their shape while they air-dry.


              Pro Tip –

              • If you are in a hurry to wear them again, try stuffing them with clean paper to absorb the moisture.
              • Keep in head, the longer you maintain the insoles with baking soda, the more effective it will be in removing the odor.



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