Sports Bra Your Ultimate Savior

A bra is an essential product to women. It’s an investment that a woman makes, frequently, for her body.

When an individual is indulged in any physical exercise or sports, the body will be engaging in a lot of multi-dimensional movements. This piece of cloth will help the woman involved, in avoiding all type of discomfort and tissue damage of breasts.

Cooper ligament supports breast tissues and helps in keeping breast up. They are like rubber. So if stretched more their original work will be affected. Here comes the work of sports bra to support these tissues. When you participate in even mild exercise your breasts will bounce and its this action that can damage soft tissue and stretch the delicate Coopers Ligaments in your breasts.  This can cause sagging and permanent breast damage.  This applies to small breasts too.

Most of us feel Sports Bras are made for sports or workout purposes only. But with rising awareness in women about its innumerable benefits, Sports Bras have become the current favorite and a fashion trend.

Why Sports Bra

Here are a few reasons why a woman should opt for a Sports Bra :- 

  1. It Feels Comfy throughout the day. Most women feel more comfortable in Sports Bras as compared to any other traditional bra. The main reason is they snug fit to your body and provide maximum protection from jerks and other discomforting movements.

  1. It gives a perfect shape to any size of breasts ranging from small breasts to big, sports bras perfectly accommodate every size. Wearing traditional bras can damage breast ligaments when your chest is not properly supported. Once damaged, these ligaments do not repair themselves and will eventually lead to breast sagging. A properly fitted sports bra can reduce the bounce by 80%, preventing breast pain, discomfort and sagging thereby giving your body a perfect shape.
  2. Say bye-bye to Sagging :- Researchers say that inadequate support can lead to long-term sagging of breasts. In a study by the University of Portsmouth, scientists revealed that breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with. Wearing a Sports Bra is a commonly accepted remedy for sagging. It also helps prevent premature sagging.Also, every woman wants to look young and fit, and Sports Bras give a good shape to the breasts enhancing the way they look.
  3. Apt for any Sport & Workout :- When a woman indulges in any sports or physical exercise, the body will engage in lots of multi-dimensional movements. Sports Bra can help her move freely without any discomfort of being revealed or while stretching those chest muscles.

  4. Prevents Long-Term Injuries :- Women with larger breasts often complain of strains to their shoulders and back. This can be helped by wearing a well-engineered and supportive Sports Bra that will take the strain away from your back & shoulders. Look for High to Extreme Impact Sports Bras to ensure maximum support.Sports Bras aren’t meant just for exercising. Its multi-purpose benefits allow you to wear them all day doing any routine work, ensuring great breast health

  5. Provides more coverage :- Sports Bras offer more coverage than regular bras, which not only helps with support but can also provide confidence to bend and twist in any direction without having to stuff your ‘ladies’ back into your bra afterward. 

  6. Looks Awesome And is Evergreen!                                                                 If you follow any of the female athletes or fitness bloggers, they generally wear Sports Bra and tights or shorts. Wearing a Sports Bra has become a fashion statement nowadays. All the multinational companies are creating amazing designs to attract women towards these bras. All actresses are also flaunting their figure with these bras and matching pants. The online market place is full of Sports Bras of different designs, shapes, and colors.

  7. BONUS TIP :- If you use bras for a long time, they will not provide the same level of support. Don’t overuse your bras. Change them every 7-8 months to get the best results. Bras should not have a Birthday!! :D                                  


 Sports bras should fit like every day bras, and they should be purchased in the same size you typically wear. The goal is to not have to adjust or pull down your sports bra as you exercise. Your breasts should fit snugly in the cups without spilling over.

Tip: When trying on a sports bra, take a deep breath to test how it will feel as your lungs fill with air during a workout. And of course, make sure to buy a sports bra with features appropriate for your bust size and the activities for which you’ll use it.

Types of sports Bra 

1. Compression Bra


Compressing the breast tissue close to the body, this classic support method provides maximum support and minimizes unwanted movement. Ideal for A-C cups. Compression bras are made with stretchy fabric and are tight to hold you in. This type doesn’t traditionally have cups and usually goes on over your head like a crop top.

2. Encapsulation Bra

Using a defined cup structure to encapsulate each breast, these sports bras give you maximum support with a feminine bust shape. Has full molded cups that separate and hold each breast in place separately. These looks more like a standard bra. The difference is a standard bra mostly supports from underneath; encapsulation means the cup should be holding you from every direction to reduce any movement while exercising. If the main goal is to reduce motion, as with a high impact sport, then studies have shown that the encapsulation method is better.

High impact sports Bra: -

A high-impact sports bra majorly minimizes the movement of your chest as you exercise.

Medium Impact sports Bra: -

Medium-impact activities cause a moderate degree of jostling, as with the elliptical trainer, power walking, road cycling, dancing, hiking, skiing, gym workouts and spinning.

A medium-impact sports bra won’t be as seriously structured as a high- impact design, but it will provide the appropriate amount of support for what you’re doing.

Low impact Sports Bra: -

Low-impact activities don’t involve a lot of bouncing yet still cause you to sweat. Think yoga, golf, walking, weight training and Pilates.

Low-impact sports bras have the least built-in bounce support, but they’re incredibly comfortable.

All sports bras are not same. To find the right one for you, first determine what type of exercise you’ll be doing: high-impact, medium- impact or low-impact. For a healthy lifestyle (and healthy breasts), you need a bra designed to mitigate bounce and keep you comfortable and focused on your workout.

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