Best Gym shoes in 2023


What are Gym/Training shoes?

“Training shoes are no other shoes than the normal shoes”; said by an Injured trainer before the injury. Some of the such injuries can have a long-lasting consequence too. The answer to all these troubles is very simple; get a pair of Training shoes. Purchasing training shoes online is now easier as we have got you covered with the wide range of training shoes for men and training shoes for women. You can beat your best run time, smash your lifting goals and push through to the final burpee. It all begins with confident footing, breathable fit and top-notch stability. Once you've got that covered, you're equipped to take on your biggest competitor, that’s what best training shoes are capable of.


What you should check while buying training shoes?

It all begins with confident footing, breathable fit and top-notch stability. Before buying a pair of best training shoes, you must check for the outsole and the material of shoes. Zero drop outsole and needed support are two major aspects of the best training shoes. Best training shoes India has got various brands and various models but one aim – “To help you achieve your best.”

 it is advisable to use shoes with flat base, which would provide greater stability while lifting weights.  These types of shoes very efficient, especially during Squats, Lunges, Dead-lifts, bent-over rows & standing overhead presses.


Why You Need Training Shoes: Training shoes are more than just a fashion statement; they are an investment in your fitness progress. Unlike the anecdotal trainer's story of regrettable footwear choices, training shoes are crafted to minimize the risk of injury and enhance your performance. They offer:

  1. Confident Footing: Training shoes provide optimal grip, preventing slips and falls during your workouts, whether you're running, lifting, or jumping.

  2. Stability: With a flat sole and midfoot support, training shoes ensure stability during weightlifting and other strength exercises, keeping your form intact.

  3. Freedom of Movement: These shoes are designed to allow a wide range of movement, making them perfect for varied workouts like plyometrics and functional fitness.

  4. Arch Support: Proper arch support in training shoes minimizes strain and discomfort during high-intensity exercises. 


These Are some of the shoes best for Gym


  1. Vibram KSO Evo 



Kso Evo are very light weight flexible footwear with five fingers separated for providing best grip, support, stability and freedom of movement.

Vibram ® XS TREK is a technical compound that allows great overall performance qualities, in particular flexibility and wet traction. Highly responsive to the various demands of life


Functional fitness, plyometrics, primal movements, balance and strengthening workouts.


2. Vibram V-Train


Vibram V-Train are specially made for Gym training and workouts. They have flat sole, mid part support for stability and needed arch support for feet. 

No shoes are better than Vibrams five fingers for Gym as in gym you mainly need Proper grip , balance , stability , flexibility . Vibrams are made in such way that these Things will be felt as soon as you start using them and you will be able to train like a pro :)The sole of the Vibram Fivefingers V-Train 2.0 is made from Vibrams XS Trek is a technical compound that allows great overall performance qualities, in particular flexibility and wet traction.


Functional Fitness, Balance and strength workouts, powerlifting and some running.



3. Nike Metcon Shoes

The Nike Metcon 8 is a classic when it comes to cross training. The Metcon 8 uses Nike React foam to give it a smooth but responsive ride that can help propel you during cardio, sprints and jumps. The foam is paired with a wide, flat heel that gives you the stability you need to lift heavy. For extra support, it has an inner plate that distributes weight from edge to edge during lifts and flexes just enough to not feel stiff. A super grippy rubber sole wraps around the arch of the shoe, providing extra traction for rope climbs. 




FAQs: -

Which are the best gym shoes available in the industry?

First things first, It depends on the type of gym activities you are mainly going to be doing. Will you be mostly working out in the weights room, on the treadmill, in a studio class, or doing a bit of everything? Will you need agility for high intensity training, or a stable base for lifting weights?  Once you’ve figured out what kind of activity you are going to do the most, you can start to narrow down your choices.


Is there any all-rounder shoe available?

If your workout plan looks like a broad mix of activities and you are looking for an all-rounder that will do them all, then we suggest that you must put on the best training shoe that gives some shock absorption and stability for the majority of gym activities, including HIIT, Weights and Body exercises. Don't forget to make sure they have non-marking outsoles (you'll thank us for this when you see what a mess shoe marks can make on an indoor surface).

Can I use my walking shoes for my runs?

Yes, of course you can if you are looking for a casual and recreational run. And a BIG NO, if you are looking for a long-distance run. As, it might open the door wide open for injuries.  However, you can use your running shoes for walking purposes for sure. As both of them has same qualities that make them ideal for being active.

Should I avoid eating before a Race?

Eating before the race is not a great idea. A heavy meal can make you feel sluggish and might cause cramps. It is better to eat a couple of hours before you start.

WHY Gambol?

Gambol stands right in the front with the variety of options available in training shoes for men and training shoes for women. To provide you with the best training shoes India, We at Gambol, have got collection of various brands viz. Vibram Five Fingers, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics etc.  From KSO Evos of Vibram to Ultra boosts of Adidas to Kayanos of Asics to Vomeros of Nike; Gambol has got all the variants available. 

We are one of the few organizations that boasts the wide product range across brands with the specialized team to provide you with the best training shoes as per your requirement. Icing on the cake is our policies for online shoppers. Starting from getting the order online to delivering it to your doorsteps, we have got our team keeping an eye on every detail from shoe size to address details to tracking the shipment. Hence, hands down, we are the best bet you can play with for your forthcoming orders. Now, ball is in your court; place an order and send the ball back to us. 😉

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