Animal Flow Workout- What Is It & What Are the Benefits


If you are into fitness, you've probably noticed that Bodyweight Training is once again the talk of the town; and there's a simple explanation for this: we don't know how to move correctly.

When we get home, most of us spend too much time sitting behind a desk, in a car, and on the couch. Following that, we go for long runs or go to the gym to lift heavyweights. What do you think your body's reaction would be to such a dramatic change? Here's a hint: physiotherapy, massage, or chiropractic care... That's where you're most likely to develop sharp pains, a locked back, muscle tears, chronic heaches, and other issues.

Adding new movements just for the sake of it won't help much, and you'll want to make sure that everything you incorporate into your workout won't detract from your overall results. This is where the animal flow will help you optimize your lifting gains without jeopardizing your recovery. It also won't take up an excessive amount of time or tension in your daily life.

 What Is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is a fun, demanding, and successful ground-based movement. This technique is built to enhance strength, control, flexibility, agility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Animal Flow has something for everyone, whether you choose to work out on your own, train with a pro, or participate in group classes.

This discipline incorporates ground-based elements from various bodyweight training disciplines (yoga, parkour, breakdancing, martial arts, etc.) to create a fun and demanding exercise that brings participants through multi-planar fluid combinations.

 How Animal Flow Is Beneficial For You?

  •  Provides You Functional Training

These movements are influenced by the animal kingdom. It isn't all about having fun, though; the serious part is that it allows you to participate in movement habits that you sometimes overlook as adults in a modern world. Unfortunately, several children are in this situation. Crawls, leaps, sprawls, and hops are all features of animal movements, indicating that we move as nature intended, in primitive, standard, and practical ways. Move as if you were an animal, and flow as if you were an animal.

Crab Walk - Functional Training

  • Improves Mobility

Through versatility, animal movements are designed to increase the overall flexibility and range of motion. Any activity that requires squatting or crouching down into a crawl position, for example, helps to improve hip and lower body mobility. Pandiculation, rather than stretching, is a natural way for animals to preserve their youthful range of motion.


  • Builds Strength & Power

Many of these animal movements have one thing in common: they all need you to support your   entire body weight, which is why they can be used to build strength. The Crab Walk, for example, improves core stability while also strengthening the elbows, abs, legs, and back. Try the Frog Jump exercise, which allows you to jump forward in a frog-like squatting position for added leg strength and explosive force.

Strength & Power

  • Improves Coordination

As you would expect, some of these moves, such as the Bear Jack, require a significant amount of coordination, agility, and power to execute. Simple animal movements, such as the Crane Pose (in which you stand on one leg and lift the other leg to knee level), can help with overall coordination, balance, and stability.

Because of the balance problem, crawling, a quadrupedal movement in which you rely on all four limbs for movement, has significant benefits for the brain. These animal exercises are beneficial to both the mind and the body.

6 Components of Animal Flow: -

  • Wrist Mobilisations – The wrists are vital to the successful performance of Animal Flow movements, and this component helps to prepare the hands and wrists.

  • Activations – Beast and Crab are Activation forms. They are designed to wake-up the body and form the basis of the rest of the components.
  • Form Specific Stretches – Starting with a base animal position, the form specific stretches stretch the whole body and are designed to build flexibility and stability.

Form Specific Stretches

  • Travelling Forms – This components interprets the different ways that animals move.
  • Switches and Transitions – These fall into four categories – Under switch, Side Kick through, Scorpion and Front Kick through – and make up the largest part of an Animal Flow workout routine.

Switches & Transitions of Animal Flow

  • Flows – This is where different parts of the other components are combined to form a ‘flow’ movement. Combinations of movements are almost endless ensuring that Animal Flow will always hold new challenges for participants.


What Are You Waiting For?

 Animal flow could be the most incredible thing you can add to your warm-up and recovery days. In no time, you'll be better when sinking into deeper ranges of motion, and your lift numbers and overall athletic performance will improve as well.

Pro Tip: -

The best footwear to perform animal flow is KSO EVO from Vibram five fingers.

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