About Luna

People are not reaching their peak health potential because of weak, dysfunctionalfeet caused by poorly designed, overly supportive shoes. 

We make footwear inspired by age-old designs that free the feet allowing them to become stronger with use the natural way

Wearing LUNAs will reward you with sustainable foot health and performance through the simple joy of movement with every step you take. 

What are Luna Sandals?

Minimal footwear, Maximum Benefits !

Luna Sandals

LUNAs are hand-crafted, adventure sandals made in Seattle, Washington that preserve the age-old connection between the human foot and the planet. LUNAs are outdoor sandals that are great for hikes, walks, trail runs, marathons, and just about any other adventure you can imagine.

Why Luna ?

  • Stop Suffocating your feet and let them breath
  • No more black toe nail, Sweaty feet and blisters
  • Easy to clean, Easy to pack and quick dry

Who creates Lunaverse ?


Lifetime Fitness Seeker: -

You aspire to get and stay fit, to move everyday whether it is a short run, training for your next event or recovering from injury. You know that a healthy foundation starts with healthy feet and you seek to free your feet and strengthen them.

Outdoor Adventure Junkie: -

From trail running to hiking, the hills, mountains and trails are your home, You are often seen in the wild with the other wild creatures. You like to look out over epic landscapes. You seek the best adventure tools.

Natural Life Stylist: -

You are attracted to time tested, age old footwear with enduring style that rewards with comfort and health. You party, celebrate, travel and work. Your feet leads the way everyday, everywhere.

Why Luna ?

1. Lasts longer than normal shoes
2. No blisters, No Black toe nails
3. They are handmade with high quality standards
4. They will mould to your feet
5. They are totally breathable
6. They have vibram outsole which are always best
7. Lunas can be used everywhere Hikes,Runs, Walks and all your adventures
8. They cover the full width of your foot
9. They are good in following feet conditions hammer toes, ingrown toenails, plantar fascia, shin splints, neuromas, runners knees