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Free shipping on orders above 1000 INR. COD Available. Pay in 3 instalments with SIMPL


by cosco
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The Cosco push-up bar is an ergonomic and sturdily designed push-up bar that will prevent avoidable stress on your arms and upper body and aid your physical training. Used to strengthen upper body, these push-up bars are durable, handy and most importantly, safe. It distributes the weight evenly between the arms and successfully works the core of your body. You'll never have to worry about finding a suitable implement for dips when you've got these push-up bars lying around. They can support a weight that won't be exceeded by the average individual. If you're just thinking about beginning a workout routine for your upper body, there's no better place to start than with the Cosco push-up bars. They can give you the results of better equipment at a lower cost, making them the perfect first purchase. The push up bar comes in a range of different colors to suit your own taste. Convenient, perfectly sized and economical, the Cosco push-up bars are a perfect addition your home training equipment! A good starting position is with your hands about shoulder - width apart on the ground or just slightly wider. Too wide will allow elbows outwards and will push the bars wider and slippage may happen. Placing the bars too high (higher than the plane of your face) also will promote slippages. This should be taken care off especially while exercising on polished tiles and surfaces the distance between both the push up bars should not be wide.

  • Suitable for power push up training
  • Comes in compact Design and ergonomic handles for a comfortable and secure grip
  • Let's you perfect your body shape with daily workout of dips and pushups.
  • With daily use you can achieve to narrow the abdomen, hips, chest while strengthening your upper abdomen, chest shoulder and triceps, biceps.PLEASE ENSURE THE PUSH UP BAR POSITION IS CORRECT. THE BAR SHOULD BE PLACED SUCH THAT YOUR ELBOW IS TUCKED SLIGHTLY.
  • Comes in pack of two.
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