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Home Gym Station by Cockatoo - Bring home the new fitness station

Now save the time and the trouble of going out in the pursuit of fitness. Bring home this compact exercise station to enable an effective full-body training. This particular home gym machine gives you the chance to target and exercise several body parts while cutting down on the time required to switch in between machines. The steel framework makes it sturdy enough to withstand rigorous daily training. A considerable capacity of 120 kgs makes it cater to most training demands. The set allows an array of fitness activities to focus on each body part.

Durable sturdy steel frame

The sturdy steel tubing frame with full steel net cover makes this all-in-one exercise station a comfortable and durable one. Its premium quality construction ensures that you get the most out of its mammoth capabilities. You can work out any muscle group without worrying about any part of the machine collapsing.

Adequate stacking options

This total fitness equipment comes with 10 stacks of weight at 15 pounds each. This gives the user enough freedom of choice to adjust the weight as per their comfort and capacity, while the slightly upgraded weights are great for challenging your limits. It is also ideal for those who are just beginning their foray into fitness.

A complete work out station

This gym station from Cockatoo is an all-in-one fitness programme. Exercises that can be performed on this are Triceps Push Down, Butterfly, Lat Pull-Down, Leg Extension, Standing Triceps Extension, Shoulder Girdle, Decline Bench, Push Ups, Boxing Exercise, Standing Arm Curl, and more. Thus it offers an effective combination of upper and lower body workouts.

Safety grips

All the individual stations that this all-in-one equipment packs in are safe to use and are equipped to keep you adequately protected. Each handlebar is equipped with safety grips on both sides to ensure that you have a stable and slip-free workout.

Ideal for domestic use

Although it is fit for finding pride of place at any gym, this particular exercise station would make an ideal addition to any home. Its multiple functionality features allow it to be the one-stop solution for a full-body workout without having to leave the comfort and privacy of your home.

Embossed brand logo offers confidence

The brand logo of the manufacturer sits boldly on the backrest of the seat, making it prominent enough for one to see. This not only adds to the exclusivity of the product’s looks but also gives the confidence of using an equipment that the manufacturer proudly stands by.

  • Material: Sturdy Steel Tubing Frame With Full Cover At Back
  • Exercise Can Done From HG-03 Station : Triceps Push Down, Butterfly , Lat Pull-down, Leg Extension, Standing Triceps Extension , Shoulder Girdle, Decline bench, Push Ups , Boxing Exercise, Standing Arm Curl,
  • Weight Stack details: 10 Stack x 15 LBS (Each) = 150 LBS
  • User Weight Capacity: 120 Kg Each
  • With 1 Pair Plastic Dumbbells Weight 1.25 Kg Each